SOS Cleaning Solutions is a well established janitorial company that has been serving the community of Southern Ontario for the last eight years. Our company is fully covered under civil liability and commercial property insurance for 6 million dollars.

As a premiere cleaning company we continually strive to be an innovative leader in ethical business conduct and eco-sustainability. The relationships we have with our clients are our top priority but we also believe in doing what is right for our employees, our community, and our planet.

Currently, we are in the market to expand our operations looking for sales leads and referrals in the commercial and industrial janitorial market segments across Canada. Our goal is to integrate new associates to our already growing company offering great opportunities such as:

· Be part of our SOS Cleaning Solutions' family as one of our associates.
· Work on your own schedule with more flexibility and according to your needs.
· Enjoy the opportunity to earn unlimited income

If you decide to join our team you will be able to choose what type of associate you want to become:

· Operations associate: as a possible candidate for this position we are looking for an individual that can set-up business deals, close sales, and potentially supervise the operations of any new cleaning contracts you establish. Any new business contract that you personally oversee will make you a substantial portion of earnings. As operations associate you will be required to act as supervisor for each job established and receive a percentage of the profit of that work. You will also have the option to do the job, and receive the salary established by SOS Cleaning Solutions plus the agreed monthly commission. If you choose not to do the job , we will take care of hiring the necessary personnel, however you will continue as a supervisor in charge of overseeing that the job gets done in a professional and timely manner. There will be no cap-off so your earning potential is unlimited.

· Reference associates: In this position you will receive a percentage of each contract we get thanks to the information provided to our office, for example: name of the person in charge, working hours, prices, etc. The percentage will be defined between you and SOS Cleaning Solutions depending on the type of assistance and information provided by you . A one-time commission will be paid to you once the deal is closed and after the first month of having obtained the new contract .

We will offer training in sales specific tailored to our company to help maximize return and partnership success on all potential business deals.  We want to work together to make this a successful endeavor for everyone. There is no fees associated with these opportunities
If you are interested in one of this positions and want to be part of our company, or have any information about new contracts or  ideas how to get them send us an e-mail to

We thank you for your time and interest in our company.

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