Floor Maintenance

When you walk into an office building lobby, a supermarket or down the corridor of a school or health care facility, do you consciously notice when the floors are clean and shiny? Probably not, but you would if they were dirty and scuffed. That's how others perceive your facility, too. The most obvious reason for floor maintenance is appearance. But there are other less obvious reasons for taking care of your floors. Clean floors contribute to improved indoor air quality and fewer occupant health concerns. Workers have better morale and are more productive when the building they work in is well maintained right down to the floors. Our maintenance packages include :
*Spray buffing

Grout Cleaning & sealing

Dirt trapped in the pores of your tile and grout can cause your surfaces to look dark and dirty and can be impossible to remove with traditional  cleaning methods. S.O.S  offers a convenient, no hassle alternative. Our professional  cleaning system will safely remove built up dirt and grime returning your tile and grout surfaces to like-new condition, saving you valuable time and money.
S.O.S  cleaning methods revive and preserve all tile and grout surfaces including bathrooms, showers and counter tops. Our processes prevent mildew and leaks from damaging your tile. Grout sealer can be applied to fill in the pores of the grout and top coat it to keep any new substance from penetrating the surface
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